Happiness & peace is within us. Most of us spend a lot of time dreaming of the future, never realizing that a little of it arrives each day.

Every child has the potential to become the architect of an ideal society. Thus the mission of PRABHAAV is to develop a sound mind by teaching virtues of oneness, decency in public life, good manners to make the child aware of right action, duty, honour, spirituality and humanity. Our programmes and materials are based on Human Values; Values that are not political, religious or culturally based.

From Caterpillar To Butterfly

This series of Workshops is a journey of a child through various age groups evolving from an innocent soul to an individual with moral values; hence, its evolution from a Caterpillar to a Butterfly. Thus, Workshops for those who wish to “Explore Their Inner Belief”.

1. THE MONARCH EGG (For Classes 1 to 4)   2. THE CHRYSALIS (For Classes 5-6-7)
  • Dance to my Hearts tune- Self Belief
  • Eat, look and feel good- The Rite Bite
  • Do your best
  • Teach me to fly and see me Soar- Spreading your wings- Motivation & Leadership
  • Create a culture of Kindness
  • I am special- Self Confidence
  • Be Accountable for your Words-Actions-Attitude-Responsibility
  • Be Unique
  • Give Respect to Gain Respect
  • The Art of Forgiving
  • Believe in what you desire- Self Confidence
  • Rite Bite
  • Be a Role Model – Being Responsible
  • Be a Good citizen – Respect law & Authority
3. THE COCOON (For Classes 8-9-10) 4. THE BUTTERFLY (For Classes 11-12)
  • Reaching the Finishing Line  - Goal setting and Achieving
  • Gear up for Life-Handling Peer/Performance Pressures
  • Yes You Can! -Power of Self Confidence
  • Create a Culture of Kindness
  • Be a Role Model Being Responsible for all your Actions
  • Be one with the Universe – finding happiness in small things
  • Life is Bigger than Exams
  • Be fair when life is not fair – Integrity
  • Treat others as you wish to be treated – Respect
  • Welcoming teen age
  • Control your mind
  • Power of Healing- It lies within you
  • Self-Motivation and Leadership – Always stay ahead
  • Personality Development – Being charismatic
  • Time Management – Think Big, Be Quick
  • Anger Management –Channelize your energies the right way
  • Effective Communication – Be a Great Conversationalist
  • Choosing the right career – Follow your heart
  • Respect others – Being COOL the Right way
  • Self Confidence – Yes you can!
  • Know yourself – Adolescent Health

From Caterpillar To Butterfly

We are providing psychometric assessments for the students on:

  • I-Prabhaav’s Assessment of Life Skills (PALS)
  • II-Prabhaav’s Know Yourself Test (PKYT)
  • III-Prabhaav’s Career Planning Assessment (PCPA)
  • IV-Prabhaav’s Skill Gap Analysis Test (PSGAT)

This will help the students and teachers to sketch a profile of their abilities, preferences and other areas of functioning. Our tests are standardized; which means they have been developed using rigorous statistical procedures and have adequate norms, reliability and validity.

Becoming A Better Learner And Getting Better Grades

This focusses on studying effectively for Students of Class VI-XII.

The Road Less Travelled By

This module is aimed at helping students of Class IX-XII to overcome the fear of taking non-conventional career of their own interest.