Happiness & peace is within us. Most of us spend a lot of time dreaming of the future, never realizing that a little of it arrives each day.

This program focuses on parent and child psychology. These workshops lead to effective parenting skills and develop keen understanding on various dynamics of parent-child relationship.

PARENT-O-LOGY (Parenting Children)

  • Pre-school learning for young parents - We provide parents a sneak view on how to choose a good school. Foremost it is important for parents to realize their unchallenged position as first teachers in the life of their child; hence there are various strategies which enable them to be successful in their endeavor to bring the best to their little ones!

  • Positive Parenting - The parent and child psychology to foster positive parenting skills and develop understanding on the various dynamics of parent-child relationship. The values needs to seeded and properly nurtured NOW

Adolescent Parenting

  • Bonding Through Communication - A Psychoanalytical approach for Parents to help children cope with the Changes that are happening in and around them. How and When to talk to your Child. Strategic approaches by parents to Communicate effectively and efficiently with their adolescents.

  • Strength of a Happy Family - Reinforce the deep rooted value system by helping children develop a Self-checklist Value system. The Family Environment is pivotal, build on a Happy Mother Father relationship; Parent Relationship with their Parents; Sibling Relationship.


  • After a lot of deliberation and research in the area of Parenting, Prabhaav attempts to bring an Online mode of learning.

  • This program, authored by our Director Anjali Gogia, provides a platform to bring the two most important stakeholders (Parents and Teachers) together to work as partners for their common beneficiary i.e. the child.

  • The program focuses on empowering parents and teachers with knowledge and skills of parentology to be able to do positive parenting.

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