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  Empathy in Education: Engagement, values and achievement
   Author: Bridget Cooper
   Publisher: Continuum Publishing Corporation

Book Review

'When we consider what it means to be human we are always drawn back to our dependence upon relationship. Without empathy relationship must surely be shallow, even meaningless and superficial. Bridget Cooper's book reminds us of this, but more importantly invites us to reflect and act on the need to develop authentic empathy within all aspects of education - as teachers and as students. After all, our hope for humankind is in the realization of authentic empathy and genuine appreciation of what it means to be of the whole yet also as one. To not know and live this must surely be to our detriment.' Colin Gibbs, Professor of Education and Teacher Education and Education Consultant, New Zealand

Founded on her own research and developed through a comprehensive review of the field, Professor Cooper gives the much-neglected concept of empathy the central place it deserves in any discussion of education. But in going beyond a narrow focus on schooling to consider the wider implications of empathy for our society and our personal well-being, Professor Cooper also constructs a telling critique of current educational policies, including the training and professional development of teachers. Well-written and cogently argued, this book makes a real and original contribution to educational thought. I hope it will be widely read by policy-makers, teachers, students and teacher-educators everywhere.' Ron Best, Emeritus Professor of Education, Roehampton University, London, UK

'This is a hugely important topic for our lives and times. Bridget Cooper's book captures the complexities and significance of empathy and education in compelling and accessible ways. This book is a must for all thinking educators and for those who believe that an equitable and profound educational experience is founded on good relationships.' Pat Broadhead, Professor of Playful Learning, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK


  International Research Handbook on Values Education and Student Wellbeing
   Editors: Terence Lovat, Ron Toomey, Neville Clement
   Publisher: Springer

Book Review

Informed by the most up-to-date research from around the world, as well as examples of good practice, this handbook analyzes values education in the context of a range of school-based measures associated with student wellbeing. These include social, emotional, moral and spiritual growth-elements that seem to be present where intellectual advancement and academic achievement are being maximized. This text comes as 'values education' widens in scope from being concerned with morality, ethics, civics and citizenship to a broader definition synonymous with a holistic approach to education in general. This expanded purview is frequently described as pedagogy relating to 'values, and 'wellbeing'.

This contemporary understanding of values education, or values and wellbeing pedagogy, fits well with recent neuroscience research. This has shown that notions of cognition, or intellect, are far more intertwined with social and emotional growth than earlier educational paradigms have allowed for. In other words, the best laid plans about the technical aspects of pedagogy are bound to fail unless the growth of the whole person-social, emotional, moral, spiritual and intellectual, is the pedagogical target. Teachers and educationalists will find that this handbook provides evidence, culled from both research and practice, of the beneficial effects of such a 'values and wellbeing' pedagogy.


  Education and Human Values
   Author: M G Chitkara
   Publisher: Aph Publishing Corporation

Book Review

Values are socially accepted norms to evaluate objects, persons, and situations that form part and parcel of society. Value system is the backbone of a civilized society. Every society abides by certain moral values. There are values which are accepted by all the societies. Knowledge of the values is inculcated through education and these values contribute in forming true men, who are able to face life and its many difficulties. The Human values are Truth, Right Action, Peace, Non-Violence and Love. Education must instill the fundamental human values. It must broaden the vision. The Value of fairness, out of which our whole concept of equity and justice is developed, is unique. The world today requires a vision, a creative impulse rooted in a motivational force which helps re-discover the best value system. Honesty and integrity are essential for the bright future of an individual. Likewise, national character and patriotism are necessary for the welfare of the country. Everyone must concentrate on the society in a selfless manner with all his powers and possessions. The book is likely to be consulted by all who are concerned with education and Human values, all over the world


  Awaken The Giant Within
   Author: Anthony Robbins
   Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Book Review

"Awaken the Giant Within" - How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny' was written by Anthony Robbins back in 1992. It is 544 pages of the man's motivational techniques and self help tips. Awaken the Giant Within covers a wide range of topics, from goal setting, to Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), personal finance, and relationships.

The book comes across as fast paced and entertaining, just like he is on his many infomercials. It covers a lot of material, with much of it requiring you to make positive changes and work on yourself. So it is probably best skimmed, before going back to chapters that relate most to your life.

Robbins uses a lot of techniques that are either influenced by or are taken from the pseudoscientific principles of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). But Awaken the Giant Within is more than a book derived from NLP, it is a manual for life. If one technique or chapter does not work for you, there are plenty more in the book that can.

Anthony Robbins has copped plenty of criticisms for his infomercials, his personal life, and his high priced seminars, but Awaken the Giant Within is a self help classic.

'Awaken the Giant Within' Book Quotes

  • "After making a true decision, even a tough one, most of us feel a tremendous amount of relief. We've finally gotten off the fence! And we all know how great it feels to have a clear, unquestionable objective." Tony Robbins
  • "The truth is that we can learn to condition our minds, bodies, and emotions to link pain or pleasure to whatever we choose. By changing what we link pain and pleasure to, we instantly change our behaviors." Tony Robbins
  • "The past doesn't equal the future. All great leaders, all people who have achieved in any area of life, know the power of continuously pursuing their vision, even if all the details of how to achieve it aren't yet available." Tony Robbins


  The Magic of Thinking Big
   Author: David J. Schwartz
   Publisher: Simon and Schuster UK Ltd.

Book Review

Millions of people throughout the world have improved their lives using The Magic of Thinking Big. Dr. David J. Schwartz, long regarded as one of the foremost experts on motivation, will help you sell better, manage better, earn more money, and -- most important of all -- find greater happiness and peace of mind.

The Magic of Thinking Big gives you useful methods, not empty promises. Dr. Schwartz presents a carefully designed program for getting the most out of your job, your marriage and family life, and your community. He proves that you don't need to be an intellectual or have innate talent to attain great success and satisfaction -- but you do need to learn and understand the habit of thinking and behaving in ways that will get you there. This book gives you those secrets!

  • Believe you can succeed and you will
  • Cure yourself of the fear of failure
  • Think and dream creatively
  • You are what you think you are
  • Make your attitudes your allies
  • Learn how to think positively
  • Turn defeat into victory
  • Use goals to help you grow
  • Think like a leader


 Greatness Guide 2
   Author: Robin Sharma
   Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

Book Review

By now, with so many book reviews written by me on Robin Sharma's books, many of you must have realized how much I love reading his books. Robin Sharma is a literary genius, and he knows how to articulate the most beautiful thoughts in the form of words. He touches the most simplistic aspects of life, in such a way that it revolutionizes your thinking. Such is the power in this man's words.

The Greatness Guide 2-101 Ways to Reach the Next Level is a sequel to the part 1. This book is as engrossing, captivating and life-changing as the first one. The very nuances and basics of life has been addressed in a beautiful way. Any and everyone of us can relate to his words. The way he articulates and relates his thoughts to his day to day living activities provides a real authentic power to his writing. You can really make out that the author lives by his words, and is really amazed at the beautiful things that life has to offer.

The book has 101 chapters covering the entire gamut of life. I would like to quote from what is written at the back cover of the book, so that you can really understand what this book is all about:

"In this highly anticipated sequel to the international bestseller The Greatness Guide, Robin Sharma shares the remarkable insights and tools that have made him one of the world's most trusted advisors on leadership and personal success. Compelling, engaging and truly unforgettable, this powerful guide will help you:

  • - Get to world class at work and in life
  • - Learn how the best create stunning success
  • -Find the inspiration, passion and enthusiasm you need to become extraordinary
  • - Discover happiness and have more fun
  • - Get through hard times with courage and space
  • - Simplify your professional and personal life

Some of the highlights of the book:

  • In the chapter Stop Sleeping So Much, Robin Sharma says that how can we waste our life in sleep, when we have so many beautiful things in life to do and enjoy. He asks us to get up at 5 am - very simple, yet so profound.
  • In the chapter "Believe in Others", Robin Sharma touches upon the most important quality of the leader - to believe and to trust. He says that when you see the best in people, they will give you their best.
  • In the chapter "Cherish Conflict", the author asks us to take the conflicts head on, rather than away from them. Sharma says that the conflict is nothing more than an opportunity for personal growth and deeper personal connection.
  • In the chapter " Open Your Eyes", the author talks to us about a very simple, yet an aspect of life which we tend to forget - Its easy to get caught up in the rush of busyness and call of our routines that we forget the imperative of being aware of the very things we are doing.

Here are some of the quotes from the book:

  • There will never be a better time to be the best you than today.
  • Success will come from simplicity.
  • On the other side of every fear door lies gorgeous gifts.
  • You can curse the darkness, or you can light a candle and show up as a leader.
  • Nice is what builds enduring business.